Social Software Track

I was very lucky to participate in the Social Software track yesterday. I spoke with Aaron on IM and collaboration in libraries — which was a lot of fun!

K. Matthew Dames opened the track, and also moderated with Steven M. Cohen. Dames explored Social Software 101.

Take a look at his presentation. There is some good stuff there, including:social software is tools used for effective collaboration and efficient work flow; social networking is an analysis of the relationships of individuals and how they are connected to each other and Dames likes the term “digital collaboration” — as do I!

I must tell you that Aaron and I did much of our work for this conference via IM, email, video chat and 2 “face to face” meetings. We used tools that allowed us — a librarian living in Northern Indiana and a librarian living in the Chicago suburbs — to create content for presentation here.

Dames pondered: What are key directions for libraries? And answered with : Blogs may ultimately replace HTML websites. I get that. Not only is it easy, but utilizing blogs can be most cost effective and time-saving. Dames also said there will be more blogs used as a project management tool. I get that too.