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TTW on the Flat World

Lots of synchronicity while on a short blogging break:

1. A hot post at Infomancy on Libraries in the Flat World. Read it!

With Anne: Online Collaboration Tools

With Anne: Online Collaboration Tools

With Anne: Online Collaboration Tools

2. I had a Skype/Jybe meeting with Anne Beaumont from the State Library of Victoria in Australia in preparation for a presentation I'll be giving in September via the same tools. We went through a Powerpoint presentation, some Web sites and chatted as though we were in the same room. It was 6:30pm in Indiana on Wednesday and 9:30am on Thursday in Australia... I said: "The world is truly flat."

3. UNT Cohort Joyce Valenza and I worked for over an hour on a survey I'm designing for my first big research project via Skyp and IM last week. She was all comfy in Pennsylvani and I was working with my boys sleeping at my feet. "Michael," she said, "it's a flat, flat world."

4. Next up: actually reading the book! It's in the queue for the next drive up to the lake.

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