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What a nice thing to read as I'm about to turn off the light...

...and head home from Monterey in the morning...From Liz Lawley, keynoter and blogger...


Here at Internet Librarian, I see the next posse hanging in the halls. They�re talking about blogs and flickr and del.icio.us. They�re laughing out loud at the stodginess around them (as well they should), and carving out their own space. And I find that I�m not at all jealous. I love seeing them blaze their own paths, create their own disruptive force. I don�t want to go back to who and where I was fifteen years ago. But I am oh so glad for the friendships that were forged during those conference romps, and the memories that remain. I can only hope that this new group of go-getters will have as many joys and successes in the profession that we�ve had.

Thanks Liz!

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