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Ontario Library Association: Technology And Education: Are Library Schools Doing An Adequate Job?

Ontario Library Association Superconference
Friday February 2, 2006
Technology and Education; Library Schools; Career Issues
Mary Cavanagh, SmartLibrary Project Coordinator, Doctoral candidate in Information Science; Jenny Levine, Internet Development Specialist; Michael Stephens of Tame the Web, Doctoral candidate in Information Science
How are new MLS graduates getting the technology background needed for real life applications in libraries? Are they learning on the job or are library schools adequately preparing students? The latest Canadian study "The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries", known colloquially as the 8Rs study, lists "technology skills" as the fifth most important and difficult to fill competency and "can flexibly respond to change" as the second. Join our panelists as they debate the effectiveness of current technology education in library schools.


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