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Libraries & Social Software: A TTW Survey

In June, I'll be doing some programs for OPAL on social software and libraries so I thought I'd gather some data, as I did with the IM Survey before CIL. Please take a couple of minutes and take the survey! Please pass it on as well!

Click here to take survey


Hi Michael

I am currently a graduate
student in the MLIS program at UW-Milwaukee. I'm just starting out.

My current assignment is to "Identify a research problem in information studies and
develop an applied research proposal and pilot study to investigate that

The thought behind my paper is to explore the extent of current and planned uses
for the specific application of social networking tools with the intent of
building community in the library environment.

So far in my research, yours is the only survey I have turned up. Either there has not been much in the way of quantitative analysis of this recent phenomenon of Library 2.0 (or I really am not very good at this research thing). Did you publish the results of your survey anywhere?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

- Michael

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