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Blog Day 2006 (Updated!)

It's Blog Day again! Here is my list from last year at this time. And Meredith Farkas has already posted her list here.

Five new(ish) biblioblogs you might want to take a look at:

Blog Day 2006
The Ubiquitous librarian: A fascinating voice from academic libraries! Brian Matthews blogs thoughtfully and posts some things that just make me say WOW! Check out his posts on gaming.

Blog Day 2006

The Green Kangaroo: A strong voice from our association! Mary Ghikas, Senior Associate Executive Director at the American Library Association, blogs about associations, ALA and what she's reading. I am so glad we have this personal presence from ALA in the Biblioblogosphere.

Blog Day 2006
Library garden: A group of voices from the same state, sharing and trying to make libraries better! One of my favorite group blogs. I love the harmony of these distinct perspectives of New Jersey librarians. Simply: they've got it going on! This is a model I'd like to see more librarians follow.

Blog Day 2006
The Liminal librarian: A voice of experience from a widely published author and speaker. Disclaimer: I co-author a CIL Department with Rachel! Another presence I'm fond of, for her unique perspective and take on jobs, NextGen, GenGen and other important bits about how we work together in libraries.

Blog Day 2006
What I Learned Today...: A true, pure voice of reason when some folks just don't get what it's like to be on the Cluetrain! Nicole Engard on Web 2.0 and everything else related to library web management. Her honesty in verious posts about that certain ILS vendor is important and needed as vendors wake up to a shifting world.

Update:: I can't choose just five! Don't miss these three as well:

More Blog Day

Michael Habib's LIS: Michael is a student who is writing some amazing stuff on Academic Library 2.0 and where college and university libraries should be going. I will be excited to see Michael's thesis and where he lands for his first job building communities online. Check out his Blog Day post here! It was this post that inspired me to come back to this one and add three more blogs.

More Blog Day

Hey Jude: Making fortunate discoveries - Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and more … Fascinating stuff from a librarian in Australia, writing about information literacy, teaching and school libraries. For example: So we need to reflect carefully on the new synergy in the opportunities that we have before us. Why am I saying all this? I’m churning ideas about the future of school libraries. Literacy remains a prime and fundamental purpose. Web 2.0 tools and techniques coupled with the trademark ‘social networking’ provides the framework for knowing ‘what’s next’ for organisational frameworks for school libraries in Web 2.0.

More Blog Day

David Rothman: I was honored he let me post his essay about RSS and medical libraries here at TTW and tickled when he launched his blog.

There are many others..and also blogs outside of our realm I am often inspired by:

43 Folders
Church of the Customer Blog
Social Customer Manifesto

Take a look at any of these that strike your fancy! I know there are so many more blogs I could have mentioned as well! I appreciate all of the voices out there...keep those posts coming! Thanks to all who blog about libraries! Rock On!

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