Conversations with the Follet Chair: Ed Valauskas & Chet Grycz

A couple of weeks ago, I sat in on a lunch time session featuring Dominican GSLIS Follet Chair Ed Valauskas and Open Content Alliance’s Chet Grycz. The room was packed with students and GSLIS faculty.

The discussion was fascinating and covered various topics related to content, the mission of libraries, the Internet Archive’s digitization project and the new Web. Grycz pointed out some intersing facts about the Google contract with the University of Michigan, that includes somehting to the effect of “Google shall own all content…” (Is the contract online somewhere?)

We had a viewing of Googlezon/EPIC2014 and Chet noted that “the world is getting smaller” and librarians needt to have presence in the online social places and spaces.

That’s where I said “Amen.”

Chet posed a question to the group: what does the future of library services and social networks look like? My take was an increase in self-correcting online communities such as Flickr (and Ed reminded me: Wikipedia, as well), librarian as a guide for discerning the best feeds, subscriptions and content to consume and the library as digital creation center.

I look forward to more sesisons such as this with folks visiting Dominican to share their knowledge.