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On Using IM Reference


Nicole writes:

I just finished my first conversation with a reference staff member at Drexel via IM! I needed to find a required journal and was thrown off by the interface they provided me with. I went right to my comfort zone - InfoTrac because that’s what we have at work and I know how to use it - but turns out that even though it said my journal was in there - it wasn’t! So I opened up IM and asked the librarian. Now that I think back I guess a complaint would be that he/she didn’t provide a name so I can’t tell you who helped me - for now we’re going to assume it was a “she” - based on statistics.

Anyway, she walked me through each step in the process and when I hit a bump she came up with a way to help me. She also introduced me to ProQuest which is way prettier than InfoTrac! I found both of my journal articles and am ready to sit down and do some reading.

IM Reference is totally handy!! I love it!

Use this post as evidence for the discussions at your library about IM reference. :-)

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