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Phil Bradley's Library Weblog Feeds


Phil writes:

This is by way of an experiment really. I have created a publically available page at Pageflakes listing 30 or so Library/Librarian weblogs. All you need to do is vist the page, click on the little half diamond on the right of each title and see the recent postings, click and read. You don't have to be a Pageflakes user either.

This is a page that I'm going to keep, because it's useful for me, so it will change over time - and this is an invitation that if you have a library weblog, or you know of a good one that's not on the list, let me know and I'll see if I can add it - though I'm not making any promises mind!

This is a great example of using an RSS aggregator-style Web site to create a portal or clearinghouse of information. Again, in a Learning 2.0 course, each staff person could build one of these with Pageflakes (acts weird on my Safari Browser), NetVibes, SuprGlu, or the like.

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