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TTW Mailbox: Tucson Pima Library 2.0

Tuscon Pima Library 2.0 Presentation

Mary Mitchell, part of the Web Team at Phoenix Public Library, writes:

I want to share a link to a library that is doing cool things-and it's not even my library. I wrote about it on my week-old blog: http://libraryjourney.blogspot.com/

The Tucson Pima County Library has a wonderful link on their public website about a program that their staff presented at last week's Arizona Library Association Conference. They did a great program on practicality of Library 2.0 and talked about their Emerging Technologies group. Great idea - and great to share the whole thing with their community!


Thanks for the links, Mary! Take a look at the PPT file, especially if you are planning your emerging technology committee and pondering where a 2.0 philosphy fits in your library.

Tuscon Pima Library 2.0 Presentation

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