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Technology Made Simple

Technology Made Simple

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I just received my copy and have only started the first chapter but KUDOOS to Bolan and Cullin for a useful, straightforward technology guide that includes bits about 21st Cnetury library statitics and the value of training. Aimed at medium and small libraries, the book and companion Web site at (get ready for a long ALA URL folks) http://www.ala.org/ala/ourassociation/publishing/alaeditions/webextras/technologymadesimple/technologymadesimple.htm are most useful, especially at combining classic IT stuff with a dash of 2.0 goodness.

Disclaimer: I provided the authors with documents and information about IT at SJCPL during their writing process and met with them to discuss technology planning one blustery night at the Mishawaka Panera.

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