Did You Blog & Flickr Harry Potter?

I was watching all the public library blogs I monitor, as well as my Flickr feeds for Harry Potter coverage this weekend. I was so happy to see some nice coverage.

Remember, you could have written a HOT blog post about the boxes arriving and the super secret security surrounding the books until release. I love these images on Flickr – tagged “Harry Potter” and “library.”

Thanks Canton!

5 thoughts on “Did You Blog & Flickr Harry Potter?”

  1. I blogged the Allen County Public Library Harry Potter Release party. I have several posts telling about what the ACL did and with pictures and a video of it also.

    It was amazing and I hope people check out what one library gave to its community. Thank you ACPL!

    Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3nxu7Oaduw and here is the flickr pictures:

    or better yet, go to my blog http://allthingsweb20.wordpress.com/ and read all about it!

    (sorry, I’m not sure how to imbed the links directly)


  2. Like other libraries, the Harry Potter books and CDs arrived before the street date of 7/21. I actually held the CDs in my hands and took a photo of them (still in their shrink wrap) but the library staff who had access to the books kept them locked away. The legalese that we had to sign to even get our copies was very scary; that’s why I think there weren’t more photos like this. It was so scary I didn’t even post the photo I took in case it would get us in trouble!

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