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The Academic Library's Mission - Risk Taking, Creativity, Transparency

I am blown away by the new vision and mission statements from the University Library at McMaster in Hamilton, Ontario. Jeff Trzeciak, University Librarian,and his team of strategic planners have really honed in on some incredible goals.


McMaster University Library will be recognized as Canada’s most innovative, user-centred, academic library.


The University Library advances teaching, learning and research at McMaster by:
· teaching students to be successful, ethical information seekers
· facilitating access to information resources
· providing welcoming spaces for intellectual discovery
· promoting the innovative adoption of emerging learning technologies

We value:
· excellent customer service,
· collaboration, innovation, creativity and risk taking,
· inclusiveness and respect for the individual
· accountability for our actions and decisions

Built in these words are thoughtful planning, evaluation, a focus on innovation, user-centered design and transparency. I'll say it again: this is on university library to watch!

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