14 thoughts on “Help Me Choose my Shirt/Tie Combo at Flickr (UPDATED!)”

  1. This is ridiculous and awesome. I’m gonna start having a poll like this every morning before I get dressed!

    I liked the one on the left when I thought it was gray. Now I’m just confused.

  2. I like the dark shirt on the right, although I’d go for a slightly darker tie. You don’t have a light complexion, so it’s best to choose dark colors to highlight your face.

    I thought your black combo at NYPL was terrific!

  3. Definitely the light blue shirt and the dark blue tie – enough contrast and the light blue has a “little” relaxed look to give you that “I’m all business, but a little fun” look. Good luck with the presentation – you will “ROCK” as always.

  4. Hahaha, so *this* is clothing 2.0, dressing up 2.0
    Burberry is SO yesterday! Don’t do it! But to be honest, i need to see your socks to give a qualified opinion :-)

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