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Help Me Choose my Shirt/Tie Combo at Flickr (UPDATED!)

Choose? For TTW

Tomorrow at 11am CST, I'm keynoting the Illinois Library Association. Please help me choose a shirt and tie combo by commenting on one or the other at Flickr. The suit is black!

Blue & Blue Tie OR Black and Burberry Tie

The Winner:

The winner... Self portrait convention center men's room


Blue shirt, blue tie

Light blue shirt with dark suit looks way better!

definitely the black....

Blue and blue all the way. Knock em' dead!

light shirt w/dark tie

light blue. i don't think the other has enough contrast with a black suit.

blue shirt, blue tie

This is ridiculous and awesome. I'm gonna start having a poll like this every morning before I get dressed!

I liked the one on the left when I thought it was gray. Now I'm just confused.

I like the dark shirt on the right, although I'd go for a slightly darker tie. You don't have a light complexion, so it's best to choose dark colors to highlight your face.

I thought your black combo at NYPL was terrific!

...just ditch the formal thing and wear what's most comfortable!


The one on the left. Dark ties show less lunch stains, not that you are necessarily messy.

Definitely the light blue shirt and the dark blue tie - enough contrast and the light blue has a "little" relaxed look to give you that "I'm all business, but a little fun" look. Good luck with the presentation - you will "ROCK" as always.

Hahaha, so *this* is clothing 2.0, dressing up 2.0
Burberry is SO yesterday! Don't do it! But to be honest, i need to see your socks to give a qualified opinion :-)

so... which combo did you end up wearing?

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