10 thoughts on “Reserved”

  1. Depends…is the parking lot so small the director has trouble finding parking? Is there a reserved parking spot for other staff? Does the director have a disability that makes it hard for hir to walk? Is the alternative getting a parking ticket?

    I see nothing wrong with having a spot to park be a perk.

  2. A couple years ago I drove Sandy to a heavily-attended church event and found someone getting out of a car in her spot. I said “Hey, that’s the pastor’s spot” and the person glared at me and yelled “So WHAT!” Um…

    My sense: a spot is a nice perk, and often a necessity. I really don’t want the administrator of any organization driving in circles while we’re waiting for him or her to show up to give a sermon or sign paperwork or whatever. Chief admin types are also the ones who are most likely to be dashing to and from the facility all day.

  3. Its all very hierarchical isn’t it… I suppose it sends a message to the community that the “director” is an important person – but really, if only the director could find a place to park, the library would not run very well at all.

  4. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with assigning a spot to the top administrator. Given his/her “cost per hour”, I would rather they spend their time engaged in bettering the library’s services than driving in circles looking for a spot to park!

  5. I have had a spot like this, twice. It saves time. It means, as Karen notes, that you do not have to hunt for a spot when you return from an off-site meeting (often twice or more a day if you have branches). It also can serve as a signal to those on the outside if you are likely to be in the office. (Of course, if the car is in the shop….)

  6. Joining the band…you work damn hard for that perk, and it saves time and money for an expensive person. I see nothing at all wrong with having this, especially in an urban setting.

  7. Our library parking lot is small but there is a city lot a block away. We used to have reserved spaces in the lot for the director and the department heads. The patrons complained about the fact that they had to walk a block and staff didn’t. After numerous complaints, the signs were removed for the department heads but the director’s spot remained. That failed to stop the complaints; finally the director’s spot was removed as well. It’s now a firing offense for any staff member to park in the library’s lot.

  8. the worst is that by getting such perk, the director becomes more out-of-touch with his/her reality. When is the parking lot full, why couldn’t anyone find a spot? I believe living our customer’s experiences is the best way to understand and improve them.

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