Do we really look bored?

katz said it.

“…you can walk up to the bored looking person behind the desk known as the reference librarian and ask for a brief tutorial on how to use the journals…”

Maybe it is time to re-think reference. Katz did say the reference desk has been blown apart and I hear from many librarians he did write the book on Reference.

In this thread, there’s also some very interesting talk about the value of a library/ value of library services to students. The perceptions/ misperceptions are very interesting.

TTW Contributor- Lee LeBlanc

One thought on “Do we really look bored?”

  1. Ah, here at MPOW we have done away with the reference desk. Concierge style ‘Help Zone’ does away with bored looking librarians behind a desk. Now we roam Help Zone area looking for people to help.

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