Can you find this article?

More than a desk

Actually, it’s just a tease while I hammer out the rest of the multimedia portion for the Reference Desk post. Pulling all this multimedia together takes time. There’s even an article about it here. “In spite of the time, frustration, and lack of support, creating the screencast was a good idea. I’m glad I did it. But in the future, I’ll also be more cautious about judging others’ use of media—because it is harder than it looks.” But, can you find the article the screenshot above comes from? We should probably measure your attempt in seconds. Honor system here. Ready…Set…Answer.

TTW Contributor- Lee LeBlanc

3 thoughts on “Can you find this article?”

  1. That’s the same way I found it. Though I’m a slightly slower typist, so it might have taken me 20 seconds.

  2. (Catching up on my RSS feeds after a week’s leave…) Yeah, I tried various library databases unsuccessfully before thwapping myself and going to Google Scholar: instant result.

    Particularly interesting is that my library has access to that journal electronically via (among other things) ScienceDirect – and my searches there got no results until I knew the journal and article title and formatted my query just so.

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