Why bother with Twitter?


Michael, who teams blogs over at, http://infodoodads.com/ turned in a blazing time of 14 seconds for finding that reference article. (There was also a respectable 20 seconding showing which was faster than me). I then “cyber stalked” Mike over on Flickr :) Next we had a few exchanges that led to the conversation on microblogging. I hear a lot of: “….[groans]…not another 2.0 thingy!’ Michael didn’t do that mind you. Yet, what could that reaction be about?

Lee: ive found microblogging is best, at least 2 me, when im txting out doing somthin. i txt an update 2 my friends. i txt my brother regularly. &i kno my brother txts with his wife all the time -she’s in the Philippines right now. add my disjointed twitter vignettes to this & then I also interact with those folks. but twitter could work for library microblogging too. how? make the jump here or read on.

Mike: Hmmmm. Definitely worth thinking about. I suppose I do a version of microblogging–I e-mail myself reminders from my cell phone, everything from grocery list items to book authors/titles to movies someone tells me about. It could all very well be twittered.

“How do I experiment with new stuff’?
And yes, I wrote that like I would on my cell phone for the most part. I take certain liberties when I text. Using Twitter is a way of thinking about technology -for me. “How do I experiment with new stuff’?” Experimenting with new technologies to see how I can connect to more people in my life -rather than looking at what it will do for me alone helps me move my mind in directions it would not normally go. It’s funny how many of my friends microblog (SMS-ing me all the time) and don’t realize it. So, a lot of times you’ll see a question turn up in Twitter that I asked my friends. Feel free to answer. I try to be somewhat inspiration like, “So, wut up RockStar! Tell me how you did/how ya do this weekend.” Friends who don’t really email me, or maintain an online presence of any kind, or generally don’t email that much, text me back! alot!

So, I use txting to stay in touch with certain friends and family (and patrons?) who text AND then share a bit of my txting with the Twitter community -shall the two ever meet? Maybe. Maybe not. So, I’ve connected two different sets of folks through Twitter. What’s the lesson? Different strokes, different folks. Like Lauren, I also see Twitter as bridging the Internet & phone (not everyone has an 16gb iPhone :). Lauren goes on to list bunches of other great reasons about what Twitter can become for you if you let it.

“How does your library experiment with new stuff’?”
What makes the new technologies, social apps, and whatever else seem pointless really lies in how we view those tools. What if we evaluate things not for ourselves but for others? (I’m planting a seed here for my future post on what we need in the library to be personally successful & it has very little to do with technology). Unless I’m meditating, I don’t like to stare at a blank wall -even then I sometimes debate myself over this wall gazing. Yet if we turn around from what were used to looking at, there could entire field of opportunities worth checking out. Maybe we need to think about how patrons use Twitter to really find the gold? Do you know any of your patrons using Twitter? Above all else, play. I’m going back to my corner to stare at my wall for a bit but I’ll meet you on playground for a game of Tag.

TTW Contributor- Lee LeBlanc

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