5 thoughts on “Stopped by Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library to see for Myself”

  1. Wow.

    Here in Fort Wayne I know of someone who would probably be /almost/ glad to see something like that, given his semi-coherent ranting in perhaps the most ironic (for our purposes) MySpace group thread ever: http://tinyurl.com/3amrc5

    Note that the discussion there becomes almost instantly NSFW, you’ve been warned.

  2. So a communication tool used primarily by youth (and some of us that are maybe not so young anymore!) has been banned. Imagine the outcry if they banned email on the public computers …

    One of my colleagues talks about the teens that go to her branch in comparison to her “regular” patrons. They’re ALL our regular patrons and this kind of banning reflects that split view of our patrons.

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