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Lots of discussion on the Twitter and at various blogs about SWIFT, a conference social networking platform. Don’t miss these posts and the comments too:

Karen Schneider:

Jessamyn West: 

David Lee King: 

Personally, I don’t get why I would put my slides, blog posts, photos etc. anywhere but here at TTW. I also agree with Karen: I’d rather see wifi at the conferences long before a contracted, vendor-based solution for social networking. I know that the amazing folks attending CIL could have whipped up similar grass roots systems in a heartbeat. My vote will always go for the open, transparent and community-grown solution first.

And Karen made my day with this bit of insight, that’s probably happening in more corporate offices than we know: “I can see the boardroom meeting now: “2.0: ka-ching, ka-ching! It’s gonna be big, big BIG!” 

Thanks for the LOL, kgs!

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