Library Board Members or Trustees Blogging?

In the last three weeks, I’ve presented a special version of the Hyperlinked Library to groups of administrators and board members/trustees around northern Illinois. One question came up a few times:

Are there any library board members or trustees blogging?

Please comment if you know of one – AND maybe it’s time for someone in those groups to start! I know there are some rules/laws about what board members can say, etc.. but some tpe of bloging would be okay, wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Library Board Members or Trustees Blogging?”

  1. My library board president came to me and asked about a week ago if it was ok if she had am opportunity to blog on our site. I considered for about 5 seconds and said sure. Now I am waiting on her first blog. I already have the blog up RSS and everything waiting to go. Now I am crossing my fingers hoping she will come through! I am hoping this will lead the other board members to blogging.

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