DOH! Happy Blog-versary TTW

Too much on this professor’s plate folks. I missed marking the five year anniversary of this blog on April 1st 2008. What an incredible time it’s been! These past 12 months were something and I’m so glad I’ve had the community we’ve built for support and inspiration. 

Last year at this time, I did remember and actually blogged about blogging at ALA TechSource too. Remember the Points of Unity? 

I’ll thank Blake for keeping TTW healthy and online. I’ll thank Kyle and Lee for contributing their time and viewpoints. And I’ll thank YOU –  for reading, responding and for sending me little snippets to share.

So pretend I remembered this on April 1. :-)




6 thoughts on “DOH! Happy Blog-versary TTW”

  1. Yup, totally missed my five-year blogiversary as well, which you might remember came exactly one day before yours. Congrats on a significant milestone! Think of how much has happened since then. It’s mind-boggling. Here’s to five more action-packed years.

  2. Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone. Here’s too many more years of blog posts, links and thought provoking ideas. Thanks Michael, you and your contributions are very much appreciated.

  3. Congratulations! An important anniversary for TTW and all us readers. Thanks for sharing so much with us for the last five years; I’m looking forward to reading and learning as much in the next five.

  4. Congratulations, Michael! Here’s to another 5 great years rocking in the social media biblioblogosphere.

    To be honest, I by accident/on purpose forgot my 4th year anniversary recently, too. I thought at some point we need to stop counting and just get on with it. LOL!

    Anyway, congrats!!


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