What are you starting?

This one time I had a Professor tell me you have to start something new at least once a month. Her idea was that we are these “perpetual discovery engines” Apply, apply, apply was a core tenet. The greatest ideas she believed came from remixing. School was this ultimate test of your ability to create.

School, she felt, should be a complete playground where you push yourself to work within the confines of; to be creative in spite of everything, everyone may ever throw at you. I always liked that idea. Working from the inside out always seemed to be where the most effective change comes from anyway. Sure, a new pair of Nikes makes you feel fast -when you’re in Kindergarten. Later you learn where real speed comes from: years of training that make you look like an overnight success.

Anybody can be creative outside of their organization but can you be creative within those confines?

School starts again

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3 thoughts on “What are you starting?”

  1. I like this idea–I think it takes a lot more creativity to fit within institutional restrictions than to be able to freeform at will. It’s the same sort of concept that creates brilliance via adrenaline in the last few hours of procrastination.

  2. i like this idea a lot. this reminds me of a professor i had at uc berkeley, kevin radley, who used the phrase, “Go” all the time. he was all about “Yes” and i think that it was his philosophy – go – yes – which sort of implied, go forth and make what needs to happen just start and let the mistakes happen, but that nothing will ever happen if you keep stalling to make something perfect… but that is the philosophy that allows me to be creative in a box – to look outside the box –



    great post

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