What’s your Day in the Life of…?

Finally got to Michael’s tag for A Day in the Life of …

These are my daily shots, a full-time MLIS student & working library professional. Was plotting to do something else until I saw Steve Campion’s post on Animoto which I mashed-up into a Day in the Life post. This let me finish that overdue blog item. :) Thanks Steve.
Here’s a sample library promo video I made yesterday. It’s a draft and I’ll have to finish a little stronger next time but I hope I caught the spirit of an active library system. Whattya think?
[UPDATE (Apr 17): I’ve been told that the widget sometimes says the video is no longer available. I don’t know why this has been happening. If you have trouble accessing the YouTube version below, try this one.]…

2 thoughts on “What’s your Day in the Life of…?”

  1. Sure does make me look, I don’t know, hip, good, pedantic, mediocre, weird?

    Pretty neat service though.

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