Research to read: How, What, and Why Science Faculty Read

Almost always thinking about how other people use the library. Why? How? For what? What other reasons? and you? why?

Science faculty predominately read journals and books and read almost 50 articles a year from the journal they obtained their last read document from. The science faculty were mostly likely to use their reading for research. Science faculty appreciated the capabilities of electronic document transmission, but had a marked preference for paper transmission.

Always thinking about reaching patrons, users or your preference. I remember hand-delivering an article to a professor because we had completely frustrated her. She said:

“I wouldn’t have gone back to the library to pick this up. But I really needed it. I just didn’t have the time. Thanks for bringing it to me.”

Granted, she was already frustrated because our OPAC showed we had it but no one could find it. The professor looked. Several staff members looked. Then I got, lucky. What’s really interesting is that I see the professor much more often in the library and she regularly chats with me about what she does/ doesn’t like. One thing I’ve found out is that she and her colleagues are really paying attention to new research in their field and want to be notified of it. I bet that’s true of Humanities scholars, public patrons, lawyers -and everyone else.

Contributor: Lee.