What do you do everyday?

Be Nice to someone you usually ignore

There are people in your life that for your own reasons you take for granted and generally ignore. This could be a friend, a loved one or a total stranger…but you know who they are.

This happens to everyone.

Pick someone today, and make a point to be nice to that person. Don’t be phony. Be nice. Be kind. See what happens from there.

This reminded me of the way jennimi and Michael take notice of people. They do so in a supportive way that makes you want to have conversations with them.  Effective leaders have a way of engaging you in dialogue that makes you want to share your thoughts.  Overall, this strengthens what you end up talking about.  I like to think the higher lesson here, about being nice and conversing, stands as: we can/should expect higher levels of civility from each other.  Doing so, we move in newer, bolder directions as we explore issues close to our hearts.  I wouldn’t say fixating on that outcome is healthy though. :)

Contributor: Lee

One thought on “What do you do everyday?”

  1. iblee, you really make me blush by putting me in the same sentence as Michael, who is the very blogger, biblioblogofan, human, teacher, and dare I say mentor who both modeled and personally encouraged me to reach out to people, cheer them on, and notice their accomplishments. This goes back 3+ years now. Folks who link to my blog will find I am on an indefinite hiatus that is clearly difficult for me to explain. Maybe this is your way of showing your support and understanding, or maybe it’s your way of trying to get me back into it (for that, I would need ideas… and good ones… and the ability to articulate them that the medium, at least in our field, requires and deserves). I’m working on it. Maybe I am needing the personal dialog now more than ever.

    On a personal note, the photo you chose of me in the background has profound personal significance for me and as a fellow flickr friend (www.flickr.com/jennx), I don’t have to explain it to you. Thank you for your kind words.

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