How unique are you?

Above OSU points out what makes them unique. We also have the Universities Libraries (University of Nevada, Reno) listing Unique Library Resources. The Ohio State University has a Cartoon Research Library -that’s pretty unique. And they’re talking about what came before Bone until September -that’s really cool. Nahum Gelber Law Library is called a “unique library for a unique school.” Serious branding on that library for uniqueness.

We have the weighing in on: Being a Librarian: Our Unique Library. Toronto run downs a list of collections, A-Z, and invites you to explore the Library’s unique and special collections. In the ALL-SIS Marketing Toolkit we find, the unique role of Libraries. And then we have Unique Management Services, really making libraries seem, well antiquated. Suspend privileges instead of charging fines. That would help libraries become unique again.

Finally, how about this unique paper:

Metropolis redux: the unique importance of library skills in informatics

Objectives: The objective is to highlight the important role that librarians have in teaching within a successful medical informatics program. Librarians regularly utilize skills that, although not technology dependent, are essential to conducting computer-based research. The Metropolis analogy is used to introduce the part librarians play as informatics partners. Science fiction is a modern mythology that, beyond a technical exterior, has lasting value in its ability to reflect the human condition. The teaching of medical informatics, an intersection of technology and knowledge, is also most relevant when it transcends the operation of databases and systems. Librarians can teach students to understand, research, and utilize information beyond specific technologies.

How are you making your library unique in petabytes of information?

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3 thoughts on “How unique are you?”

  1. Go Beavs!!! :-)

    I like this “Unique at OSU” page we have, but in a navigational sense, it is awkward to use from our main library page. Who knew that digital collections would be located under “unique…”?

    Aside from that though, I totally dig the idea of branding library services as unique. We have a huge edge in the information world and need to make it more apparent.

  2. pretty much any library should have some uniqueness to it – (is that a word) – you’d expect that it would come from special collections, local history, or the like.

    I really suspect it just takes one person on the acquisitions desk with a budget and a sense of style that goes beyond buying whatever the library trade journals recommend. In particular if you have the right intersection of budget and patron suggestions in a popular niche – bingo.

  3. Straight from the OED: uniqueness:

    The fact or condition of being unique or unequaled; unique quality or character; an instance of this; a unique fact or circumstance.


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