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I was also talking with a friend about how all I’ve been reading is blog posts, articles for school, and book chapters.  This left me wondering: do I still have the stamina to read anything of substantial length? I spent last weekend traveling.  I read two books up and back on the flight to Phillie.  And the Skymall catalog.  And the Emergency Instructions sheet -twice.  Then, when I got home I spent every night devouring another one.  Often falling asleep because I didn’t want to stop reading it.  I’m also in between classes now.  That helps.

People are conversing over the worry that all this web-based information is shortening their attention span for reading books. For myself, I’ve put to rest that idea.  These bits of information I consume via email, rss, blogs, tweets, and online articles aren’t affecting my ability for sustained, intellectual reading. (Whew! personally I did wonder). I have been reading since I was pretty young though and never have I lost my interest in kids books.  I wonder if it’s the ability to read that is being affected.  Or that most people have yet to develop the ability to focus their mind on what they choose.  It’s like competing in Judo -without training any of your physical abilities.  You cannot focus your mind on what you wish if you do not spend time training it in ways you want to develop. Meditation could be a key in developing these mental abilities.  Heck, just setting aside time to read and assimilate what you’re reading could.  Above all else: read, connect and share.

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3 thoughts on “Read?”

  1. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this too. I think here in the 21st century both types of literacy are necessary to be an engaged participant in the world. I don’t seem to have much trouble with sustained book reading either, but I grew up reading books. There was no internet when I started becoming a book reader. But what about young people who grow up on the web? They will surely have well developed online literacy skills, but will they still develop a love of books or even care about book reading? This is a fascinating issue.

  2. I was worried with all my blogging that I couldn’t sustain reading a novel, but I’ve done it recently and realized it’s all silliness. But it was a bit scary when I thought about it. I can see where it might affect younger people who haven’t experienced fully the joy of reading full length books, however.

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