What’s some of the best?

The Task: To create a guide to excellent creative business libraries or business centers to provide examples of innovation and best practices.

Group Members

Vincci Kwong, Indiana University South Bend
Julie Strange, Maryland AskUsNow!
Adriana Trujillo, Texas A&M University Libraries
Julie Yen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

TTW: Lee

2 thoughts on “What’s some of the best?”

  1. That was the ALA Emerging Leader project I worked with. None of us had business backgrounds or interests previously and it was interesting getting our bearings!

    The project will be ongoing (eventually on the BRASS wiki) to keep up with the changing innovating activities.

  2. Hello – I have picked this via Google. Here in London we offer the only public library providing business information to anyone who requires it – and all FREE.

    If any of the above group wish to contact me please do.

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