Mad Men on Twitter

Via Linda Braun, I followed the links and found out that many of the characters on one of my favorite TV shows are on Twitter! 

File this under PR and Marketing 2.0:


Update: Twitter has responded back to me on the issue. Apparently it wasn’t a spam issue, but rather a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice that Twitter’s support team responded to, co-founder Biz Stone tells me.

I guess AMC didn’t like others playing the roll of its Mad Men characters besides the actors who play them on TV. Expect some backlash against the network.

Update 2: Blogger Ben Kessler has a full list of the Mad Men characters on Twitter. It looks likejoan_holloway was also suspended, but several others were not caught.

Update 3: In an apparent act of defiance, a new account for Peggy_Olson has been created with an underscore in her name and a profile that reads “Also known as @PeggyOlson.” One of hertweets reads:

I worked hard. I did my job. But the boys at Twitter are just as churlish as the boys at Sterling Cooper. Such a pity that they’re so petty.

Update 4: The suspended Mad Men accounts have been restored. Apparently, Deep Focus, AMC’s web marketing group persuaded the cable channel that free promotion is a good thing, according to Silicon Alley Insider. A tough sell, I know.

This is a good illustration of the growing pains big media is moving through as social media becomes stronger. Does AMC want to be known as the channel that crushed fan-created content?

4 thoughts on “Mad Men on Twitter”

  1. “Does AMC want to be known as the channel that crushed fan-created content?”

    No, Paramount already holds that title, as reigning champion…

  2. I’ve been following most of the characters on twitter, despite never having watched the actual programme. They are always in character (as far as I can judge) and have me increasingly intrigued with the whole Mad Men concept and storylines. It’s also one of the few genuinely interesting things on twitter.

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