LIS768 CSC Group Projects

I’m taught my last weekend of LIS768 in St. Paul at the College of St. Catherine last week. The final Saturday of class is always group project day. Take a look:

One group developed a Ning for librarians: The Library Lounge. They also gave a presentation of background info and their findings from theexperience.

Another group developed a library liaison portal for a fictional economics department using Pageflakes. Their presentation details the background of the prototype.

The next group learned Drupal to develop a Website for a small library in Minnesota in a project called “Extreme Library Makeover: Web Site Edition.” They started with this very small site hosted at the library system and proposed a complete redo with Drupal. The results of their learning is here (hosted at TTW).

Finally, two soon to be library media specialists proposed a revamped curriculum for 4th to 8th grade that tied using social tools to current learning goals. The presentation, with links to examples and prototypes, is here.

I am grading their final papers today – papers on academic law libraries and social technologies, the Cluetrain and reputation online, to name a few. Good stuff! If you want to check in on their class blogging, all of the LIS768 CSC bloggers are listed here.

2 thoughts on “LIS768 CSC Group Projects”

  1. (Small nit: the link to the Drupal website has lost the ‘h’ from its http link.)

    I was extremely impressed by the example library site implemented in Drupal. Would it be possible to find out from the students approximately how many person-hours they spent on the project?

  2. There were three of us working over approx. 4 weeks. We probably put in 145 – 180 hours. It’s hard to keep track, because it was so much fun to do. At the end, we were mainly tweeking and polishing so that would be the main time consumer at the end.

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