7 thoughts on “A Question.”

  1. My answer: Badly, at least for the next few years. Will take major tech shift before we catch up to expectations, honestly.

    But I’ll be writing the book on this over the next 8 months, so I’ll let you know. :-)

  2. In California we’re trying to answer this question NOW by re-thinking re-modeling our statewide information delivery systems and methods.

  3. Are new cell phones/devices coming with the application to read the codes? Or is a downloadble app? Reminds me a bit of the very short lived and ill fated CueCat craze.

  4. To reply to pollyalida’s comment:

    Many new phones have the ability to read QR barcodes. Both the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1 have free applications that can read these barcodes. The coding/application is made by a company called Zebra Crossing.

    These kind of codes have been used in Japan, where advertisers would place a QR code at the bottom of theirs ads with either links to their websites or exclusive mobile goodies (ring tones, wallpaper, etc).

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