New Textbook for LIS701

New Textbook for LIS701, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

This is our new textbook for LIS701 at Dominican. I am excited about it!

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Introduction: How to Think Like a Librarian
  • Part I: Foundations, Values and Context
  • 1. Stepping Back and Looking Forward: Reflections on the Foundations of Libraries and Librarianship – Richard E. Rubin
  • 2. Professional Ethics and Values in a Changing World – Michael Gorman
  • 3. Human Rights, Democracy and Librarians – Kathleen de la Peña McCook and Katharine Phenix
  • 4. Information Seeking – Donald O. Case
  • 5. Careers and Environments – Laura Kane
  • Part II: Functions and Competencies
  • 6. Another Look at Leadership – Brooke E. Sheldon
  • 7. Management: An Essential Skill for Today’s Librarians – Barbara B. Moran
  • 8. Marketing – the Driving Force of Your Library – Christie Koontz
  • 9. Reflections on Creating Information Service Collections – G. Edward Evans
  • 10. Organization and Representation of Information/Knowledge – Arlene G. Taylor
  • Information Retrieval: Designing, Querying, and Evaluating Information Systems – Judith Weedman
  • 12. Reference Service: The Personal Side of Librarianship – David A. Tyckoson
  • 13. Librarians: The Best Googlers in the World – Linda Main
  • 14. Readers Advisory Services: How to Help Users Find a “Good Book.” Mary K. Chelton.
  • 15. Research – Ron Powell
  • 16. Learning and Using Evaluation: A Practical Introduction – Charles R. McClure
  • Part III: Moving Beyond Boundaries
  • 17. LIS Professionals in a Global Society – Barbara J. Ford
  • 18. Issues and Trends – Ken Haycock

7 thoughts on “New Textbook for LIS701”

  1. I’m not exactly thrilled with Chapter 13 referring to us as “the best Googlers in the world” even if the contents go into detail about our nuanced and sophisticated information retrieval skills.

  2. Great! Now my Dean can buy the book, fire me and get a work-study student to do my job [it’ll be 8 years before he realizes that approach won’t work]

  3. Just ordered this for myself. Can’t thank you enough for all your posts about professional reading – you’re really helping me keep up.

    Leigh Anne

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