Space for the paranormal

While thumbing through my local newspaper I came across an article about the public library hosting a lecture and discussion concerning UFO sightings, particularly more recent events in observed in Tinley Park, IL.

Let’s be honest—you couldn’t have bribed me with enough cappuccinos to show up at this event.  Not my groove—for sure.  But it got me thinking about the library’s continued value as a community space.  There really isn’t any other place in town that would welcome such a controversial topic.  It could be held it in someone’s home, yes, but then it wouldn’t be a public event.  Perhaps the local café?  But then you’re obligating patrons to purchase something when the main focus is knowledge.  Where else could people openly gather for a common interest—where avid followers and curious folks could learn without being intimated by each other or their surroundings?

The library has historically been that place, and I’d like to applaud the Forest Park Public Library for continuing to provide a comfortable space for knowledge and discussion, even if the topics are quite alien.

~TTW Contributor Katharine Johnson