Call for Participation: Internet Librarian International 2009


ili2009Call for Participants

Have you:

  • Got information to share that will be of value to your peers?
  • Completed an innovative project at your library?
  • Found a new way to present electronic resources?
  • Proved the versatility of information professionals?
  • Introduced exciting new technologies?
  • Learned lessons when plans didn’t go as well as expected?

Help others become inspired about leading edge technology tools and how they’re put to use in all types of libraries and information centres around the world by speaking at Internet Librarian International 2009.

Participate in Internet Librarian International 2009. Here’s how.

  • Present a paper
  • Participate in a panel discussion
  • Lead a workshop
  • Share your ideas for an exciting future for internet librarians

Information Today invites proposals for presentations at Internet Librarian International 2009, to be held at the Novotel London West Hotel in London, UK, 15-16 October 2009. Workshops are on the 14th (Wednesday).


We seek dynamic speakers from all countries willing to share their knowledge and experience about information tools, techniques, processes, innovations and management.

internet_librarian_20_1024Times have changed since the first Internet Librarian International 10 years ago: The challenge now is to maximise the value of the internet for libraries, librarians, and library users—and prove the value of librarians in our communities. This holds true for all types of libraries—public, academic, commercial and government—and for those outside the traditional library—web designers, content evaluators, portal creators, systems professionals and independent researchers

Learning from our fellow information professionals is vital to our professional development. To remain viable, we must innovate—and be willing to forego our traditional culture of absolute perfection. Technological change in libraries has been breathtaking—and it’s not stopping, not even slowing down. Please consider contributing to the expertise found at Internet Librarian International by submitting your proposal to participate, thus bringing your practical orientation, subject expertise, and professional perspectives to the conference.

We want a mix of papers for conference sessions, workshops, and short tutorials. Our emphasis is on the practical rather than theoretical; we are seeking case studies and proposals about initiatives in your organisation, not product pitches or overviews. What has worked in your work environments and what has not? Share your experiences and thoughts with your colleagues during Internet Librarian International.


If you would like to be considered as a speaker, please submit your ideas at

I had the best time at ILI2008 – especially presenting with my Transparent Library partner Michael Casey and sitting on the Next Gen Libraries panel. If you have a success story, a lessons learned case study or  some innovative project to share, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this engaging, thoughtful and exciting conference. MS