Upgrading Mid Semester – Are You Nuts?

Just posted this on my course sites:


Dear LIS768ers:

We have a decision to make. There is a new version of the blog software that runs our site. My provider has suggested we upgrade and I agree – BUT – it means some change in the look and use of the back end interface of your blogs. This means you might have to relearn a few steps to posting to your blogs. It also means we will get improved functionality and some spiffy new features.

Here’s what your blog posting interface looks like now:

And here’s what the new interface looks like:

I will only do this if the majority of LIS768 and LIS753 students agree it’s a good idea to have this experience of an interface change during the semester. I am interested because it will give you some real world experience when applications and interfaces change. It proves that change is constant and we can meet it head on as explorers. It taps into to everything I want you to get out of technology classes with me. Please comment on this post with your thoughts. I will gladly bow to the hive mind for this one.


I will be very interested to see what they decide! Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Upgrading Mid Semester – Are You Nuts?”

  1. Ooooh. I hope they do decide to upgrade. The new WordPress is so much nicer. And all the upgrades are automatic after installing this one. No more deleting the old files and uploading new ones.

  2. I’m not in the class but as a regular user of WordPress I really like the update. It’s just so much better and easier to use. Since I started using WordPress this is their third major update, that I know of, and I really appreciated this one. I hope they choose it :)

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