Right Here, Right Now: Ready for the Unexpected/Future

We’ve said it time and time again as we continue to forefront Library 2.0: Meet the user where they are.

A friend passed this video off to me and I thought it was an excellent argument as to why 2.0 is essential–and most especially in the library field.  We’re technology leaders, and if people are using the technologies (SMS, social networking) we’ve have got to be sure we can keep up and engage users in a way that is seamless within within their lives.

It certainly is a challenge–but not one that is too lofty.  I’ve already seen great examples of SMS reference, Twitter, YouTube and other technology integrations within the library.  Keep moving forward.  Librarians must be prepared for the unprepared future.

This video also might be a helpful *nudge* for reluctant L2.0 staff or administration.


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