TTW Guest Post: Mosio – Texting Service for Libraries Reviewed by Joseph Murphy

Mosio’s “Text A Librarian” product is a proprietary option for SMS reference software. Librarians should be aware of this product’s limitations (see review for full evaluation) and its declining relevance as a static web based product in a mobile world. This example illustrates how important it is for librarians to be informed and critical as we provide more and more services to mobile devices.

This review was originally published in The Charleston Advisor, Volume 10, Number 3, January 2009, pp. 52-54(3)

Download the review as a PDF here.

Joe Murphy is General Science Librarian & Instruction Coordinator, Kline Science Library, Yale University

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4 thoughts on “TTW Guest Post: Mosio – Texting Service for Libraries Reviewed by Joseph Murphy”

  1. This is a personal review of Mosio’s new Text a Librarian product. Yale University Library has been and will continue to be a beta partner in the Text a Librarian service. The Kline Science Library offers a separate text reference service as Joe has explained in a past post (see Feb. 26th, 2008, “Txt a Librarian”). Our direct experience with Mosio has been positive and they have been very responsive to suggestions made to enhance the service.

  2. We were investigating this service as a statewide project supplementing the chat reference we’re already providing. I had a couple long discussions with the Mosio guys, and they were very positive and willing to make changes to support our needs.

    In the end, though, we decided that it came down to staff time / workload. We’re pretty much already swamped with chat. The only way we’ll implement an SMS service statewide, I think, is if it integrated with the chat service we are already using.

  3. I’ve had a lot of contact with Mosio about their product and the San Jose Public Library is looking now at subscribing. The demo that Mr. Murphy reviewed was quite outdated and the product that exists now is very different. As someone who has tried the service and researched it a lot, I can say with full confidence that there is a lot of factually incorrect information in his review.

    I would encourage people interested in offering reference services through text messaging to look at the product information on the Text-A-Librarian website (, which is current. You can develop you own opinion on the product from there, but you need to have the right information before you can make an informed and reasonable opinion.

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