Fun with SMS!

Brandweek is saying that advertisements sent via SMS text are becoming a normal sighting among cell-phone users (38% of users recalled seeing them in the past few months).  What really aggravated surprised me was the response to what could be viewed as an intrusive form of advertising:

Perhaps most encouraging for advertisers, says the report, “is the fact that one in seven people also reported that they had bought a product or visited a store as a result of seeing a mobile advertisement.”

My point here is not that libraries should also consider following this model and touting the latest services through text.  Yet, I’m shocked that people would actually respond positively to this method of advertising.  What else we should be doing with cellphones, which have become an essential method of communication, storage, entertainment, and direction?  It makes me realize how important services like I-Share’s “text me this call number” or Elmhurst College’s use of Reference via SMS Text.  From my understanding, these are not yet catching on like wildfire; but libraries should keep up with such great innovation because as Brandweek has shown us, people are indeed responding to such types of services.  It is only a matter of time before they become the norm.

+TTW Contributor Katharine Johnson

One thought on “Fun with SMS!”

  1. Curious … if my library or someone else sent me unsolicited (spam) text messages (as opposed to ones I’ve requested), that I have to pay for, would they reimburse me for it? I know some people did have success back in the day getting reimbursed for spam faxes (where the receiver’s the one paying for materials)…

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