LIS768 Student Survey: User Centered Libraries & Personalization

Three students at Dominican’s graduate School of Library and Information Science invite you to participate in an online survey asking professional librarians to discuss the importance and aspects of personalization of the Library. As future librarians we are continuously learning and looking for ways to strengthen and improve the programs and services that we will provides to members, libraries and the public. We want to gather the many diverse efforts librarians currently use to create user directed libraries and capture as many new exciting ideas still waiting to be actualized. 

For this survey we understand ‘personalization’ to mean that patrons of the library can do one of more of the following: configure and select the content of a library’s web presence appearing on their own computers, create their own space on the library’s web pages (teens and adult can initiate their own book and film clubs), contribute content for the library’s web pages such as book reviews and reading lists and tags, and comment about the library and its collections.

You are invited to take a short online survey that will ask you to evaluate what personalization is and how libraries use this valuable tool. Your answers will help guide the development of future plans, and help us better meet the needs of all members. Please go to  to complete the survey. It will be available from March 4, 2009 through March 23, 2009. 

All responses to the survey will remain anonymous and absolutely confidential and will be used only in aggregate with all other responses received. We are hoping for many responses from a broad spectrum of librarians and libraries.

Thank you in advance for being part of our classes’ exploration of Library 2.0 and participatory service. We look forward to sharing the results with online when the survey is complete. 

Thank you,

Emily, Jessica, and Bill

If you have questions contact Bill elliwill (at)

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  1. this survey is too wordy and requires too much time to fill out! i quit!
    next time make it easier and make it multiple choice, please!

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