Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library, originally uploaded by mstephens7.

I heart this – they use Open Office!

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Public Library”

  1. But the sign- and the rules on it, could use some improvement don’t you think? As a customer I really don’t appreciate it when a sign tells me I ‘must’ do something and have a 60 minute time limit. What about this:

    – Your personal library cards will get you free access for a full hour (and even longer if you show the librarian your best smile).

  2. Edmonton Public Library made the move to Open Office in 2008.

    Made so much more sense the buying M$ licenses for 400 public computers.

  3. I wish our library would migrate to more open-source and freely available programs like OO, GIMP, VLC and Scribus. There’s only so many people I can touch at the small location I work at.

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