Glendale Patrons on Web Site for Library Week


glendaleMichael Schmidt, Librarian in Adult Reference at Glendale Public Library in Glendale, Arizona, writes:

Just thought I’d pass this your way. I attended your talk at Burton Barr in PHX a while back and when the call for National Library Week projects went out in my library I was thinking about some of the things you talked about. Here’s the result: patron photos and comments on the banner of our homepage. Give it a few secs once it loads. You can click on the banner to see all photos and complete comments. Keep the faith!


2 thoughts on “Glendale Patrons on Web Site for Library Week”

  1. Your banner is really cool Michael, are you going to leave it up after National Library Week (please let me know at Seems to be a great advertisement for the library and you could keep adding more people to it – I bet you already have lots of people who’ve volunteered to have their pics and comments up there.

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