Mindkeepers…Mindspotters…Young People

Via The Shifted Librarian:

I’m knocked out by this model of service and engagement with young people. My brain is also reeling pondering the implications of Mindkeepers and Mindspotters as library employees – another reason to scan the horizon for trends impacting our profession and changing our jobs. This makes me hope the libraries that have treated their teen users as second class citizens take notice. There is much promise and potential here.

3 thoughts on “Mindkeepers…Mindspotters…Young People”

  1. This really is an interesting project. I’d like to see some detailed research on how this is working, how this Danish library is empowering young staff, and how it is changing traditional and new services… and how many people are coming to the library.

    My only regret (besides not getting enough info) is that it seemed to celebrate junk food. I just ate some chips, but maybe this age group (theirs and mine) has enough junk already.

    Thanks for sharing. By the way, Michael we miss you out here in Hawaii :)

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