TTW Contributor Lee: Where are you pushing your content to?

Steel Brewing Company remote downloads. Where u @ Digital Library?

Walking into 7-11 I was greeted with this little kiosk (see above). I instantly thought, “All this electronic content libraries provide is awesome but where are the distributed access points?’ Libraries must exploit the new distribution channels and find new ways to help people discover the vast online resources we have. Not only is this do-able: it’s cost effective and a great way to advertise the library resources.

Think about how much you like the convenience of ATMs. What if libraries could partner with, say community agencies, to deliver digital distribution content “boxes”? It would be much like the partnership we saw with Redbox and this sharp library.

These “boxes” could have points to distribute play-a-ways, renew books, or download content to your favorite mobile device -wired and wirelessly. The limits are only what we impose on ourselves.

~TTW: Lee LeBlanc~