LIS768 Context Book Report Videos

This semester I added the option for my students in LIS768 to make a video or other media presentation instead of writing a blog post for the context book assignment. A few folks tried it out. Here are the results:

Setting the Table: Danny Meyer

Born Digital: John Palfrey & Urs Gasser

Blink: Malcolm Gladwell

A Whole New Mind: Daniel Pink

5 thoughts on “LIS768 Context Book Report Videos”

  1. Enjoyable presentations. Some of my favorite books and a fantastic assignment to get students thinking of new ways to present useful information.

  2. Great presentations! I’ve just posted the link to the Born Digital video to the One Book One Conference discussion for the AASL conference this week.

  3. Wow, good stuff. Didn’t realize Animoto had gotten so much stronger since I first checked out too.

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