Dominican GSLIS Student’s Blog Highlighted at BestBizWeb

Allow me to gush a bit. One of my students from last semester has had her LIS768 blog highlighted by BestBizWeb:

SITE: Megan Mulherin’s Blog



PURPOSE: This is a blog about news, trends, and tips related to information, research, online searching, and library issues.


SOURCE CHECK: This blog is written as part of a library science class by Megan Mulherin. Mulherin is studying for her master’s in library science at Dominican University in River Forest, Ill .

OUR VIEW: We’re always pleased to find a thoughtful, well-written, and incisive blogger on the information industry, and we were particularly delighted to discover that this outstanding blog was created by a student. Megan tackles issues of interest to all the information industry, including business research. She is an excellent writer and has put together a well-designed and appealing site. Consider this site if you want to get some interesting news, reflection, and thoughtful analysis on online research, trends in searching, and the library/ information industry.

Megan graduated in January but she’ll continue to blog at Congrats to Megan!