LIS768 Group Projects Day One

It’s that time again! Today and tomorrow we have group presentations for LIS768.

Personal Learning Networks:

Karen’s Word Cloud of her own PLN

This group created a Ning for students in our program and explored all the possibilities for PLNs, including the fact that a good PLN is not just digital resources but real world interactions/groups as well! The students shared some intriguing stories about how they learn.

Group Work Space:

Augmented Reality:

The next group explored Augmented Reality. This group defined various aspects of AR and presented a prototypical application built for a public library that takes advantage of RFID and location aware services. The demo included the use of a GIANT hand for selecting the buttons in the app on the big screen.
Born Digital:

We viewed the above video, and then the group took us through a presentation based on Born Digital, geared toward parents, teachers and librarians.


The final group of the day presented on Backchannels. They researched the concept AND did a brief survey of the class.

Take a look at their site: