Web 3.0 by Kate Ray

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.

“Burst the bounds of any physical library.”

This is absolutely essential viewing for library folk AND library students!

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3 thoughts on “Web 3.0 by Kate Ray”

  1. Watched this the other week. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t like the term Web 3.0, but some new terminology is certainly needed to get people thinking past the simple social networking/media paradigm of Web 2.0.

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  3. i loved this. i have made my work as a librarian being the aggregator of existing news that is relevant to my clients. it is wonderful work, though my own head feels like it is going to explode quite often.

    i have been teetering on the edge of semantic webwork in various projects, and i am kept in a state of constant stimulus and excitement by this exposure. so long as the power supply keeps up, i am on board for the developments ahead.

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