London Calling: See you at ILI 2010

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The program for Internet Librarian International is out!

I’m happy to be attending and speaking this year. Here is a break down of my sessions:


A Roadmap to the Hyperlinked Library

What does a connected world of continuous computing mean for 21st century libraries? This workshop provides a roadmap toward becoming the hyperlinked library?transparent, participatory, playful, user-centered, and human, while still grounded in our foundations and values. The notion of the hyperlinked library is relevant to academic, public, government, and commercial libraries, having its roots in the library 2.0 philosophy of collaboration, transparency, and empowerment. Bringing the library staff right to wherever the user happens to be online is a key component. But how do you do that?and how do you do it well? Emerging technologies will force many information professionals into thinking about new ways to reach their users and potential users. The roadmap that Professor Stephens has developed will ease your journey towards the hyperlinked library.

Conference Sessions:

Transparency in Hyperlinked Libraries

The emerging social technologies have profound implications for libraries, not least with becoming more transparent, both to their users and to their funders. We can now have libraries that operate around the clock in a virtual space. Are physical spaces obsolete? Are libraries defined by their collections or as meeting places that facilitate learning and research? If we keep saying “Let’s not adopt technology X because it will soon be out of date,” we’re missing the opportunity for ongoing learning and innovation in a more experimentally-based organization. If we wait for the next big thing continually, stagnation follows.

Hot Topics in Innovation

During Internet Librarian International, delegates will contribute their ideas about technologies, policies, vendors and issues that affect their ability to get real and stay relevant. The hottest of the hot of these will be addressed in this session, which is designed to be highly interactive, driven by contributions from the audience. (I’ll be moderating)

Final Panel

Thomas Brevik, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (Norway), Ake Nygren, Stockholm County Library  (Sweden), and Michael Stephens, Dominican University and Tame the Web (USA)

Release your inner geek by hearing what these uber geeks have to say about the latest developments in internet and library technology, both in the near and far future. What are the implications of technological innovations for libraries? Come prepared to question the panelists’ philosophies of libraries and to adjust your own thinking about the future of your information seeking, managing and adoption strategies.

Thomas wrote this up to describe what we are planning: “Remember how all problems can best be solved around a table at a cafe or pub? We are going to move the cafe table to the conference room and have an informal and fun discussion about the big and small issues confronting libraries today, and maybe some of the strategies that we can employ to meet the challenges.”

Photo illustration by Michael Casey: (Used by Permission)

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